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l1.png (468×60) main page The Best Rock Forum from the internet !
This is a new place for rock music lovers from all over the world.On our radio  ,you can find and enjoy your favourite rock bands and songs.Also,this is the place to read fresh news and articles about new or veteran rock bands,about their concerts,interviews and many more.In our forum section ,you are welcome to share your comments and opinions about almost everything.For now you can listen on our radio the following genres of rock music:Alternative rock,Hard rock ,Heavy metal,Pop rock,Electro rock,Punk Rock and Rock and roll.
The playlist will be updated soon with more qality rock.So,enjoy our radio and have fun interacting with our community  members in the forum section.
Categorie: Rock News | Vizualizări: 1087 | Adăugat de: Bachus | Data: 2012-08-21

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READING, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 24: Lars Ulrich of American heavy metal band Metallica, live on stage at Reading Festival, August 24, 2008. (Photo by Will Ireland/Classic Rock Magazine) Lars Ulrich. CONTACT: Future Publishing Limited 30 Monmouth St, Bath, UK, BA1 2BW +44 (0)1225 442244,

Lars Ulrich says Metallica try to avoid acting like big shots backstage – although they may be guilty of having done so in the past.

The drummer insists he likes to avoid giving advice to younger bands, and reveals he still has his own star-struck moments when he meets heroes like Dave Grohl and Neil Young.

Ulrich tells The Owl: "We always try to go and hang out.

"We definitely had the days of hiding behind the big walls, and we may have been guilty doing some of that stuff in the 90s, but we really try to put ourselves out there.

"It’s more fun for us. It’s great to meet other people and immerse yourself in some of that energy.

"When I’m around Jack White or Dave Grohl or people like Neil Young, I’m like a fucking kid in the candy store myself. I went to see Muse and the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys – these are great experiences for me too.”

The thrash giants might be expected to be asked for hints and tips, but Ulrich says: "I give as little advice as possible, man. If somebody asks me I’ll try to answer just their sincere questions. But we don’t walk around like some sort of elder statesmen.”

Meanwhile, Mission to Lars film maker Kate Spicer has admitted she hoped Ulrich might turn out to be an "a’hole” because it could have made her movie more interesting.

The drummer has shown active support for the documentary which tells the story of Spicer’s learning-disabled brother Tom and his attempt to deal with his demons in order to finally meet his hero.

Reporting on a showing of the movie in Mexico City, which Ulrich attended, she says: "I thanked Lars for showing Tom the respect that so often learning-disabled people are not afforded.

"People asked him why he had done the film, and part of his answer was that perhaps because he’s a parent he is much more compassionate. I found it strangely touching, though it was not an unusual thing to say. He had three wristbands on – they were from a trampoline place he takes his kids.

"I said we had hoped, secretly, sometimes before we got to meet him, that Lars might turn out to be an a’hole, so that our film might have some Borat magic.”
Categorie: Rock News | Vizualizări: 1047 | Adăugat de: Bachus | Data: 2012-08-07

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Chickenfoot Performs at Rocklahoma
Photos and Story by Scott Smith
 Van Halen seemingly are stuck in a ditch with their recent tour derailment, but Chickenfoot is strutting and kicking.
Former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony couldn’t have looked happier – or healthier – than they did during Chickenfoot’s headlining, unbelievably great set on May 27th at the Rocklahoma music festival, near Pryor, Okla. Hagar’s voice was exceptional, while Anthony provided the best back-up singing in all of rock-and-roll land and put down rich, impressive bass lines.
Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani’s guitar playing and tone were every bit as fantastic as they are on his studio work. Sporting a shaved head and black sunglasses, Satriani pulled an endless stream of notes, sounds and aural emotions from his guitars while the group pounded out peppy takes of "Lighten Up,” "Last Temptation,” "Sexy Little Thing,” "Soap on a Rope,” "Down the Drain” and Montrose’s "Rock Candy.”
Anyone who previously predicted that Chickenfoot would tumble without original drummer Chad Smith found the opposite true via the presence of skin-hitter Kenny Aronoff (John Cougar, Smashing Pumpkins). With Smith back with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aronoff backed Chickenfoot with the same intense firepower of a young Keith Moon while retaining the otherworldly precision of drum masters Bill Bruford and Neil Peart. The grinning Aronoff just didn’t hit his drum heads and cymbals; he playfully grimaced, striking his set ferociously as if Rocklahoma were his last-ever gig.
Slash Performs at RocklahomaChickenfoot’s on-stage chemistry was as terrific as their chops. I can’t remember ever seeing a concert where every single member laughed, joked with each other and tried to make each other giggle during instrumental passages. The quartet’s inner-group warmth was contagious.
"When I was a 4-year-old boy, I knew I wanted to make music,” said Hagar near the end of the group’s set. "That’s the reason to make music. I want to still feel like that 4-year-old boy, loving music. I have that same passion now, and that’s what Chickenfoot is all about. We’re about making music for fun –  playing with that passion.”
Other acts at Rocklahoma also making big, positive noise where Slash, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Queensryche and Christian rockers Red and P.O.D., as well as the original lineup of Creed. Slash and Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy fronted Slash’s band, whipping out tasteful takes of Slash’s solo material and Guns ‘N’ Roses’ "Sweet Child O’ Mine” and "Paradise City” on May 25th. Slash ignored the evening’s unforgiving heat and humidity – sweat was dripping from his wrists and elbows by the end of his second song – and played flawlessly on his Les Pauls.
Queensryche also took to the stage with fire and professionalism, infusing new grit and purpose into "Jet City Woman” and "Eyes of a Stranger.” When "Silent Lucidity” arrived, the 20,000-plus crowd cheered before singing along with vocalist Geoff Tate in massive, echoey unison.
One of Rocklahoma’s biggest surprises were Creed, who wisely kept their set in heavy-rock mode while following Slash’s hard-hitting session. Creed’s instrumental play was fast and punchy, with singer Scott Stapp barking and hissing many of their lyrics in an appealing voice. Creed’s effort, like Rocklahoma itself, was a winner.

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Randy Blythe has been freed from prison in the Czech Republic, a spokeswomen for the Prague Court has confirmed. He will arrive home in the United States later today (Friday).

The Lamb of God singer was arrested on June 27 in connection with the death of Daniel Nosek, a fan alleged to have sustained a fatal head injury when he invaded the stage while Blythe performed.

Blythe was never charged and posted bail of $200,000 a few days later. However, under legal proceedings in the former Soviet nation prosecutors can object to a suspect’s freedom, which happened in his case. Although objections were not accepted, his bail was raised to $400,000. This again was paid, but another objection was lodged.

The spokeswoman said Blythe’s freedom was confirmed yesterday (Thursday) after a 16-hour closed session, and there were no conditions related to his being released, except for the bail payment. He was freed later in the afternoon and boarded a flight for the US today.

It’s believed the manslaughter case will be heard in November. Experts say Blythe has a strong case in his favour.

Lab of God were last week forced to cancel a planned US tour because of doubts over whether their singer would be available. Earlier this week hardcore band Terror cancelled a tour stop in the Czech Republic as a show of support for their colleague.

Categorie: Rock News | Vizualizări: 872 | Adăugat de: Bachus | Data: 2012-08-04

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Zacron, Richard Drew

Classic Rock has learned of the death of cover artist Zacron, real name Richard Drew, best known as the sleeve designer for Led Zeppelin III. Drew died in January this year from bowel cancer but his estranged family have only just learned of his passing.

Zacron was born in Sutton, Surrey in 1943, and studied with Eric Clapton and members of the Yardbirds at Kingston College of Art between 1957-60. During this time he met fellow art student Jimmy Page and the pair reconnected in 1969 when Zacron was commissioned to do the sleeve for III. The artist took four months to complete the distinctive sleeve, featuring a rotating cardboard disc that revealed different images through holes in the sleeve as it was turned. The idea originated with Jimmy Page (based on a crop rotation volvelle) but the guitarist has since commented that he thought the finished product "very teeny-bopperish”.

In 2007, Zacron designed the cover of Classic Rock’s special issue dedicated to the Led Zeppelin reunion and talked through the genesis and meaning of the album cover.

Led Zeppelin III, Zacron, Jimmy Page

Click to enlarge

Zacron also designed the sleeve for Fancy’s 1975 album Something To Remember.

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Flyleaf New Horizons Single Flyleaf are gearing up to release their new album, ‘New Horizons,’ and Loudwire is proud to exclusively premiere the disc’s title track, which also serves as the album’s first single.

‘New Horizons’ is the band’s third album and follow-up to 2009′s ‘Memento Mori.’

On the title track, singer Lacey Strum’s voice takes center stage, with a big assist from the twin guitar assault of Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann.

Lyrically, the song takes an uplifting tone right from the opening line, "So you’re tired but you’re alive / So open up your eyes / And you can your sleep when you are dead.”

Bassist Pat Seals describes the tune as follows: "‘New Horizons’ expresses a feeling of looking toward the unknown future with hope. Definitely one of our best and most joyful songs – I am excited to see how our fans will receive it.”

Flyleaf’s album ‘New Horizons’ is set to arrive in the fall, with the title track hitting iTunes on Aug. 21. In the meantime, take a listen to the title track below:

Listen to Flyleaf, ‘New Horizons’ [Exclusive Premiere]
Categorie: Rock News | Vizualizări: 757 | Adăugat de: Bachus | Data: 2012-08-02

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Papa Roach Still Swingin"It’s like at the end of the day P-Roach is still here killin’ it, years later, and we are still swingin’, we are still killin’ it,” Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix says of his band’s latest single, ‘Still Swingin.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Fans first got a taste of the song during the MLB Home Run Derby on ESPN and immediately got a glimpse of the new power of Papa Roach. This power is exemplified perfectly in the anthemic chorus with Shaddix’s vocals soaring on top of a band that has never sounded tighter.

‘Still Swingin,’ which is the first single off the band’s upcoming album ‘The Connection,’ definitely has an old-school P-Roach sound to it, but it is also a display of just how far the band has grown and matured.

The verses feature the fast-paced lyrics that Shaddix has groomed and perfected over the past several years, but the lyrical foundation of the song is in its inspirational chorus: "We are a beacon in the dark / A lighthouse risen from the heart / We’ve been here from the start / We are the ones still swingin’.”

The chorus doesn’t just sound like an anthem, it is an anthem for P-Roach fans across the world. There is no doubt it has deep meaning for Shaddix, too, who has admitted that he went through the process of getting sober during the recording of this album. The chorus rings with rare, unadulterated hope.

On top of everything, there are new elements in ‘Still Swingin’ that fans really haven’t heard from this band. There are subtle electronic nuances here and there and you can even hear Shaddix’s vocals get digitally manipulated, adding a whole new level of progression for P-Roach.

If ‘Still Swingin’ is a fraction of the intensity and rock ‘n’ roll that can be expected from ‘The Connection,’ then P-Roach fans should be in for a treat when the album arrives in October.
Listen to Papa Roach, ‘Still Swingin’

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Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho was rushed to a hospital in Oslo, Norway, Tuesday night (July 3), suffering from extreme stomach pain.

The popular Finnish heavy metal band canceled tonight’s show in Norway and tomorrow night’s show in Sweden, saying that they are still waiting for a diagnosis while urging fans to keep their fingers crossed. One thing doctors did tell the band is that Laiho will not be able to perform for at least 48 hours.

Children of Bodom recently signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records. They are slated to start work on a new album in the fall for a 2013 release. Read the band’s full statement on Laiho’s hospitalization from their official Facebook page below:

"It is with great regret that we are forced to cancel tonight’s show in Oslo as well as tomorrow night’s show in Malmö.

Alexi was rushed to the Oslo hospital earlier this evening with extreme stomach pain. The doctors in the emergency unit checked him and while we are still waiting for a diagnosis, they made clear that he will not be able to perform within the next 48 hours.

We apologize to all our fans who have bought tickets to these shows – we will try to reschedule both Oslo and Malmö at the earliest possibility. Keep your fingers crossed with us that Alexi will get well again soon!”

Henkka, Roope, Janne, Jaska

The band is slated to play a handful of additional July shows in their home country of Finland. As of now, those shows are still scheduled to take place.

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Categorie: Rock News | Vizualizări: 667 | Adăugat de: Bachus | Data: 2012-07-04

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Day one of Metallica‘s Orion Music + More festival is in the books, and there is no doubt that 32,000 people left Bader Field in Atlantic City, N.J. with smiles on their faces Saturday night.

For the first time on U.S. soil, and the only time in 2012, fans got to hear Metallica play 1984′s ‘Ride the Lightning’ in its entirety. While it is always a treat to hear an album played live, this one brought with it a historical moment. Never in all of the shows Metallica has played over the years has the song ‘Escape’ made the setlist, that is, until June 23.

In addition to the album – which they decided to play backwards starting with ‘The Call of Ktulu’ – ‘Tallica gave fans 10 additional songs, ranging from ‘Hit the Lights’ to ‘Hell and Back.’ The set clocked in at just over two hours. The energy was incredibly high on stage, and it didn’t take more than three songs into it for James Hetfield to look out at the crowd and say, "This is a dream come true, man!”

Besides the obvious high point of the day with Metallica’s set, day one brought with it a world of entertainment. From an enormous crowd gathering to watch Jim Breuer’s Heavy Metal Comedy Tour to lines forming outside nearly every lifestyle tent, Orion made a big impact on everyone in attendance. Those who were in the crowd for Suicidal Tendencies got a great surprise when Robert Trujillo, Metallica’s bassist, joined his former bandmates onstage.

Before day one, there was speculation that a festival with as much variety in genres as Orion might not be successful. Not only was that proven wrong by the sheer number of people in attendance, but nearly every artist Loudwire talked with agreed that there need to be more festivals like Orion.

Day two will bring sets from Ghost, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold and more, and of course Metallica will be playing the Black album in its entirety. If Sunday lives up to the expectations that Saturday set, Orion Music + More is going to be an experience not many will forget anytime soon. As the late Cliff Burton once said, "We just do what we do, and we’re going to keep it that way.”

If you’re not at the Orion Festival, you can still catch the streaming webcast at 8:00PM ET this evening right here when Metallica will perform their ‘Black Album.’

Hit the Lights’
‘Master of Puppets’
‘The Four Horsemen’
‘Sad But True’
Robert Trujillo Bass Solo
‘Hell and Back’
‘The Call of Ktulu’
‘Creeping Death’
‘Trapped Under Ice’
‘Fade to Black’
‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’
‘Ride the Lightning’
‘Fight Fire with Fire’
‘Nothing Else Matters’
‘Enter Sandman’

‘Seek and Destroy’ (dedicated to the memory of original bassist Cliff Burton)

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Kicked off: Stormzone

Irish band Stormzone have revealed how Sebastian Bach made their lives hell when they supported him on last week’s UK tour.

They say he blocked access to their dressing room, made it nearly impossible for them to play their set – then sent them home without full pay before the three-date trek was over.

The four-piece includes former Sweet Savage drummer Davy Bates, who’s been credited as an influence on Metallica sticksman Lars Ulrich.

They were delighted when they landed the gig with Bach and enjoyed a successful first night in Belfast. But things began to go wrong when they met the former Skid Row singer on the ferry to Glasgow for the second show.

Stormzone say in a statement: "We were still buzzing from the show and expected him to to express his own satisfaction with it. He didn’t share our enthusiasm, complained about the monitors, discovered we had nothing to smoke and made off mid-sentence.”

The band arrived at their Glasgow venue the following afternoon in good time to soundcheck – but things didn’t work out as expected.

"We decided to put our bags in our dressing room, which was when the first alarm bell rang,” they say. "Staff apologetically told us that we no longer had a dressing room as the Sebastian Bach tour manager wanted a room for himself and his laptop. We could either get changed in our van or in the hallway.

"We were kind of miffed but not too annoyed – we’ve changed in worse places. The venue provided us with some water and beers. The fridge was in the dressing room, but it’s still better warm than nothing!”

Bach’s band finished soundcheck with ten minutes to go before doors opened, leaving Stormzone almost no time to get set up. While they raced to complete the task they were ordered not to move anything already on the stage. As a result they found themselves arranged in cramped corners round the headline act’s gear, with no chance of hearing themselves properly.

"Under instructions from Sebastian Bach’s tour management, we were to get one monitor, one vocal microphone each and only one microphone for Davy’s entire drumkit,” they explain. But they add: "Although realisation was beginning to dawn on us that we were being given one up the arse we just kept our heads down and tried to make the best of what we had to work with.”

They admit it was "getting a bit emotional for us to see a wonderful guy and drummer being stuck in a corner with one mic on his kit.” They credit Bates with keeping his cool.

Despite all the tension they report their show went well – but they were only paid half their fee. Then Bach’s tour bus blocked the only exit from the venue car park, and that’s when a Stormzone member lost his cool.

"A scuffle took place,” the band say, "but to all intents and purposes it was quickly and easily resolved. We did our usual round of thank-yous and their tour manager stated categorically that the next night in London we’d have absolutely everything we needed to make us sound as best as possible. We left feeling very happy with ourselves.”

Next day, however, Stormzone were approaching London when they received a call from Bach’s tour agency telling them they were off the tour. "We were given the tour manager’s phone number and asked to resolve it ourselves,” the explain. "He told us, ‘Sorry guys, nothing I can do, Sebastian wants you off the tour,’ and hung up.”

They believe the decision was made far earlier than it was explained to them – and if they’d been told in good time it would have saved them a full day’s travelling.

"No future dates with Sebastian Bach,” they reflect, before saying: "This is a one-off and we’ve lived through it to fight another day.”

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